NFCA Webinars – Former US Ambassador to Croatia, Bob Kohorst and Owning Property in Croatia

The National Federation of Croatian Americans are holding two webinars, in association with partners – one an interview with former US Ambassador to Croatia, Bob Kohorst (29 April) and the other on Owning Property in Croatia (24 April). Both these events will be of great interest. Full details from the NFCA below – why not sign up for their newsletter too?

Former US Ambassador to Croatia, Bob Kohorst

Join Us For Two Upcoming Webinars

Dear Croatian Friends and NFCA Supporters! We are excited to present two upcoming free webinars featuring speakers, first  from Terra Adriatica (experts with property ownership issues) and including Zagreb lawyer Don Markusic focused on “Owning Property in Croatia” set for 11:00 am eastern on Saturday, April 24th (see more details below)

Next, we will co-sponsor with the Balkan Insider, on Thursday, April 29th at noon eastern, a webinar with the former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia, W. Robert Kohorst (Ambassador from January, 2018 to January, 2021).

The former Ambassador will share his highlights from his three plus years based in Zagreb, from the memorable travel highlights, to the key geo-political issues that he faced as an American diplomat within the Republic of Croatia.

Bob Kohorst will share nuanced details about his work on issues such as: Visa Waiver Program, Avoidance of the Double Taxation Treaty negotiations, the completion of the floating LNG terminal off the island of Krk and about the US-Croatia relations from the business perspective and as NATO allies!

It will be a compelling presentation and a very nuanced and interesting perspective for anyone interested in the issues of the day in Southeast Europe.

The former Ambassador will speak for 10-12 minutes and then we will take questions until 12:45 pm.  Register in Advance for a Webinar with Former United States Ambassador Bob Kohorst

Don Markusic, Lawyer, President, ACAP Zagreb

Ever wonder what to do with the 1/89th of a parcel of land you own in Croatia? Or how to find out if you own property in Croatia that you are not aware of? And more importantly, WHAT to do about it …..Please join us for an informative webinar on April 24th at 11:00 AM (EST) to explore the options available for Croatian-Americans interested in learning about what land rights they may have in Croatia and how to monetize or “clear title” on that land. 

The webinar will feature the following speakers:

Davor Lauc from Terra Adriatica – Terra Adriatica (TA)was formed to challenge what has long held to be a fact in Croatia: that establishing clean title to some land is too complex, too expensive and too time-consuming to undertake. TA has spent 3 years developing Artificial Intelligence-based technology, automated processes and a deep understanding of how Croatian law operates in order to create a range of products and services that provide potential landowners with the ability to Search and Assess what rights they may have to land and a route for those with a valid claim to unlock that value through sale within a workable timeframe and at no upfront cost.

Don Markusic, Esq.– Lawyer/Odvjetnik; President, ACAP Zagreb.  Legal pioneer and law reformer: the first Common Law Lawyer to be admitted to practice in Croatia; As Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce and Transparency International and Expert Advisor on the Parliamentary Legislative Committee, not only achieved changes to laws but also the way in which laws are made by implementing a consultative process. With his combined foreign and local legal qualifications and language skills and having previously worked on large transactions with the largest multinational consulting firm (PwC) alongside auditors and tax advisors, he provides unique solutions from both a legal and business perspective. Don will offer his perspective and experience as an attorney regarding land right issues in Croatia. 

The panel will consist of a brief presentation by Terra Adriatica, followed by a question and answer period, including questions from participants.

As with both webinars, when you register will receive an email with a Zoom link and password. You will also be sent a reminder email the day prior to the event with the details too.Register now for Owning Property in Croatia Webinar

Both webinars will be very informative – please register today for both free webinars.

Sve Najbolje,
Steve Rukavina
National Federation of Croatian Americans 
Cultural Foundation (NFCA)
Twitter  @StevenRuksj
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