NFCA Book Club Discussion with Three Talented Croatian American Authors

The National Federation of Croatian Americans recently had a book club webinar (above) featuring three Croatian American authors:

Ottessa Moshfegh, author of Death in Her Hands

Nadean Stone, author of No Stone Unturned: A Remarkable Journey To Identity.

Catherine Kapphahn, author of Immigrant Daughter: Stories You Never Told Me.

All three talk about their books came about, and give insights into their works. Well worth watching.


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Crodiaspora Webinar on Operation Storm


Crodiaspora last week produced a highly informative webinar on Operation Storm and the following trials. It provides an overview on the military operation that liberated a large part of Croatia as well as saving the Bosnian Muslims at Bihać in Bosnia-Herzegovina from as Srebrenica-style fate.   The participants were Ana Katalinić, Defence Case Manager for General Ante Gotovina, and Tom Kuzmanović, Defence Attorney for General Mladen Markač.  It can be seen above. A written summary of the webinar can be seen on the Croatia Week website here.


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The 25th Anniversary of Operation Storm

This week sees the 25th anniversary of Operation Storm. This military action by Croatia liberated its own territory, saved Bosnia-Herzegovina – preventing further genocide –  and brought peace. The below article was written by CBR Editor Brian Gallagher in 2015 for the 20th anniversary of the operation.  It appeared in Most, the annual magazine of the Croatian Chaplaincy in London. The item explains the context of Operation Storm and what happened next. It is still relevant in 202o. Continue reading

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New Documentary: The Airmen & the Baroness – American POWs in Croatia 1941-1945

Nikola Knez, director of documentaries on Operation Storm and the Bleiburg Tragedy, has produced a new film. This time it is about the stories of US airman shot down over Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Second World War, and held as POWs by the Croatian forces. It’s a little known tale, and well-worth watching.

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Why Did “Krajina” Serbs leave during Croatia’s Operation Storm?

One of the big myths of the war in former Yugoslavia is that the Croatian Army ‘expelled’ the Serb population of ‘Krajina’ (areas occupied by Serbian military forces) during Operation Storm.  Luka Misetic, the lawyer who successfully defended Croatian Army General Ante Gotovina at The Hague, has produced an explanation as to why this is not so, demonstrating with hard evidence that the fault lies entirely with the Serb leadership. His presentation is above.

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Operation Storm Webinar to be held 4 August

With the 25th anniversary of Croatia’s Operation Storm coming up, Crodiaspora is holding a webinar on the military operation that defeated Milosević and brought about peace.

Operation Storm liberated a large swathe of Croatian territory occupied by Serb forces, saved the Bihać enclave in Bosnia-Herzegovina from a Srebrenica style fate, prevented the destruction of the Bosnian state and forced the Serbs to the negotiating table, bringing peace. The major last gasp of the Serb forces in Croatia was to organise the evacuation of their own people from Croatia.  

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New Operation Storm Documentary Online

Croatia’s Operation Storm will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary. This military operation liberated much territory from Serbian occupation, saved the Bihać enclave in Bosnia-Hercegovina and defeated Milošević and his allies, finally bringing peace. Documentary maker Nikola Knez, has put online his English language documentary entitled ‘Operation Storm’ online at You Tube. Continue reading

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Robin Harris talk on the Corona virus and the dangers of social planning

The Centre for Cultural Renewal in Croatia, organised an interesting lecture by Robin Harris, former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, now resident in Croatia. The Centre describes the talk thus: Continue reading

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NFCACF 27th Annual Meeting

Report by Steve Rukavina Continue reading

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Croatian Parliamentary Elections 2020 (And One Thing to Watch For)

Sunday 5th of July sees the latest parliamentary elections in Croatia. We should be presenting updates on the night via our twitter feed @croatiabusiness. One thing to watch for as the results come in are Continue reading

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