News: Croatian Tax Webinar Online to View

The 1 June Webinar on the Croatian tax system held by the Centre for the Renewal of Culture and Crodiaspora is online for viewing. For those with an interest in Croatia – relocating, property, working etc – should take a look. Continue reading

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News: Croatian Statehood Day Music Online from the BBC and Live Tonight from the Croatian National Theatre

Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb
Courtesy CNTB/Ivo Biočina

Happy Croatian Statehood Day – now back on the 30 May. Celebrate by listening to two concerts. First, the BBC in the early hours broadcast 6 hours of Croatian music mark the day. The good news is that it can be listened to- anywhere in the world –  for the next 29 days on Continue reading

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News: Sarajevo Mass – Complaint by International Lawyer Luka Misetić to the Council of Europe

The fall-out from the Sarajevo Mass continues. The Mass, held under the auspices of Cardinal Vinko Puljić, held to remember the victims of what is known as the Bleiburg Tragedy, was misrepresented being a commemoration of Nazi collaborators. Few in the media troubled themselves to check Cardinal Puljić’s words, despite being available in English at the BiH Catholic Church website. One such attack came from a surprising quarter – the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović, herself from Sarajevo, in a statement and comments she made on Twitter. Continue reading

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News: Croatian Government set up a Website to Help Foreign Citizens enter Croatia

Courtesy CNTB/Ivo Biočina

The Croatian government has set up a website to help foreign citizens provide the information that is needed to enter Croatia. Continue reading

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News: Taxation in Croatia Webinar 1st June

Following on from their successful webinar on the Croatian legal system, Crodiaspora and the  Centre for the Renewal of Culture will be holding one regarding the Croatian tax system on 1 June. The experts will be John Gašparac, Country Managing Partner at PwC Croatia, and Hrvoje Jelić, Partner leading tax & legal services at PwC Croatia. Continue reading

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News: Croatian Foreign Minister in Web Discussion

Croatian Foreign Minsiter Gordan Grlić Radman took part in a ‘Websalon’ held by the Untited Europe organisation. It was entitled ‘United or divided – Europe’s historic Test of Relevance and Solidarity’. Continue reading

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News: TV Interview with Croatian MEP Željana Zovko

Željana Zovko MEP

Croatian Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko, of the ruling HDZ party, recently gave an extensive interview to the Poteštat programme on the Televizija Jadran channel. The interview has been made available on her website with English subtitles. This a good chance for non-Croatian speakers to watch an in-depth interview with a Croatian politician as seen in Croatia, as opposed to the occasional soundbite on English speaking media. Topics covered include Continue reading

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