Operation Storm Webinar to be held 4 August

With the 25th anniversary of Croatia’s Operation Storm coming up, Crodiaspora is holding a webinar on the military operation that defeated Milosević and brought about peace.

Operation Storm liberated a large swathe of Croatian territory occupied by Serb forces, saved the Bihać enclave in Bosnia-Herzegovina from a Srebrenica style fate, prevented the destruction of the Bosnian state and forced the Serbs to the negotiating table, bringing peace. The major last gasp of the Serb forces in Croatia was to organise the evacuation of their own people from Croatia.  

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New Operation Storm Documentary Online

Croatia’s Operation Storm will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary. This military operation liberated much territory from Serbian occupation, saved the Bihać enclave in Bosnia-Hercegovina and defeated Milošević and his allies, finally bringing peace. Documentary maker Nikola Knez, has put online his English language documentary entitled ‘Operation Storm’ online at You Tube. Continue reading

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Robin Harris talk on the Corona virus and the dangers of social planning

The Centre for Cultural Renewal in Croatia, organised an interesting lecture by Robin Harris, former adviser to Margaret Thatcher, now resident in Croatia. The Centre describes the talk thus: Continue reading

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NFCACF 27th Annual Meeting

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Croatian Parliamentary Elections 2020 (And One Thing to Watch For)

Sunday 5th of July sees the latest parliamentary elections in Croatia. We should be presenting updates on the night via our twitter feed @croatiabusiness. One thing to watch for as the results come in are Continue reading

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Crodiaspora to hold Online Diaspora Electoral List Debate on 28 June

Crodiaspora will be holding an online debate between leading candidates on the Croatian diaspora electoral list ahead of the 5 July Croatian parliamentary election. Continue reading

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UK Government Finally Gives Consent for Voting at Croatian Embassy

A message from Brian Gallagher

I have just been informed by the Croatian embassy that the UK Foreign Office has finally given its consent for the embassy to let its citizens vote there for the 5 July general elections in Croatia. The Croatian legal deadline was 19 June.

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Doubt over Croats in the UK being allowed to vote in 5 July elections

Update: Excellent news, the UK government has finally given consent for the elections to be held in the Croatian embassy in London.

A message from Brian Gallagher:

There is doubt over whether the UK will permit the Croatian embassy in London to open a polling station for Croatian citizens and dual nationals to vote in the 5 July general election. Under Croatian law, the embassy must know by 19 June, otherwise there can be no voting in London. This is due to the Covid-19 situation. Continue reading

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News: Webinar on Croatia and the EU

Following on from their previous successful webinars, Crodiaspora and the  Centre for the Renewal of Culture will be holding another one, this time regarding Croatia and the EU. It will be held on Monday 15 June at 1830 Croatian Time.

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International Lawyer Luka Misetić Lodges Complaint Regarding Faktograf.hr

By Brian Gallagher

International Lawyer Luka Misetić has submitted a complaint to the International Fact-Checking Network regarding an article that has appeared on Croatian ‘fact-checking’ website Faktograf.hr. The article, ‘What really happened at Blieburg’ (in Croatian) by Stefan Guževa, ‘fact-checked’ an item on the Blieburg Tragedy that appeared on Croatian TV’s ‘TV Kalendar’, a well-known history TV series. The TV Kalendar item was in fact broadcast back in 2013, and recently circulated on social media. It is fair to say that the Faktograf.hr article’s tone was not terribly sympathetic to the victims of the communist crimes committed. Continue reading

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