The Croatian Six Case: New Developments

The Croatian Six is widely considered to be one of the worst miscarriage of justice in Australia. In 1981 six Croatian immigrants were convicted of plotting major terrorist attacks. Since then, the case has unravelled somewhat, with the main witness – on which the case hinged – being revealed as being a Yugoslav secret service agent who when tracked down said the men were innocent, the official history of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation saying a wrongful conviction took place and much else besides. Now, further evidence has been unearthed and an application has been made to the New South Wales Supreme Court to review the case.

Below are below are recent items in the Australian media on the case:

Hamish Macdonald, who has written a book on the affair has written an article for the Inside Story website which explains the case and the recent developments. Read it here.

The Australian Broadcasting Commission has produced a two-part podcast documentary on the case. Their article on the podcast can be seen here.

The documentary can be heard at these Australian Broadcasting Commission links:

Australia’s greatest miscarriage of justice? The Croatian Six – part one

Australia’s greatest miscarriage of justice? The Croatian Six – part two

Hamish MacDonald’s 2019 book on the Croatian Six can be ordered on Amazon:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Amazon Australia

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