Operation Storm Webinar to be held 4 August

With the 25th anniversary of Croatia’s Operation Storm coming up, Crodiaspora is holding a webinar on the military operation that defeated Milosević and brought about peace.

Operation Storm liberated a large swathe of Croatian territory occupied by Serb forces, saved the Bihać enclave in Bosnia-Herzegovina from a Srebrenica style fate, prevented the destruction of the Bosnian state and forced the Serbs to the negotiating table, bringing peace. The major last gasp of the Serb forces in Croatia was to organise the evacuation of their own people from Croatia.  

There was a trial at The Hague regarding Operation Storm – the three defendants were fully acquitted.

The Webinar speakers will be Tomislav Z. Kuzmanović, Defence attorney for General Markač and Ana Katalinić, Defence Case Manager for General Gotovina. Their insight will be worth listening to by anyone interested in the wars in former Yugoslavia.

The webinar will be held on Tuesday 4 August at 1830 (Croatian Time). It will be available here.

Question can be sent in advance to croatia@crodiaspora.com, or put into the comments section live during the talk.



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