Crodiaspora to hold Online Diaspora Electoral List Debate on 28 June

Crodiaspora will be holding an online debate between leading candidates on the Croatian diaspora electoral list ahead of the 5 July Croatian parliamentary election.

Those appearing to take questions are: Zdravka Bušić, Candidate for HDZ, Željko Glasnović, Independent candidate and candidate for Domovinski Pokret, Ruža Studer, Candidate for Moja Voljena Hrvatska, and Slaven Raguž, Candidate for MOST.

Thanks to Croadiaspora, this is a huge move forward for the Croatian diaspora, which will see some accountability being brought into the process for those who seek to represent Croats outside of Croatia.

The diaspora constituency is represented by 3 members of the Croatian Parliament (Sabor). Most voters are in Bosnia-Herzegovina, although a chunk are in countries such as the United States and Australia. Not all voters outside Croatia vote on the diaspora list, some register on their Croatian home address and consequently will be voting on other lists. However, for those on the diaspora list this represents an excellent opportunity to raise questions. Advance questions should be sent to or left in comments on their facebook page.

The event will be in Croatian on 26 June at *19.30 Croatian Time on Crodiaspora’s Facebook page here.

Update: The time has been changed from 1830.

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