Margaret Thatcher (1925 – 2013) on Croatia

Margaret Thatcher passed away today. One of her greatest achievements came when she was no longer Prime Minister. She came out in support of recognising and arming Croatia in 1991 when Serbia had invaded and she did the same for Bosnia-Hercegovina when Belgrade turned its aggression onto that country.

In so doing she helped focus international onto who was the aggressor – unlike others in Britain who appeased Belgrade by insisting ‘all sides are equally guilty’ and so on.  Her advice was sadly followed too late – but perhaps it may have taken even longer without her statements. She played her role in combating the return of genocide to Europe.

Here are some links to Margaret Thatcher’s views on Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina:

On Croatian TV, demanding recognition for Croatia and the lifting of the arms embargo  

Her speech in Zagreb in 1998

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