Jerry Blaskovich M.D.

The great Croatian-American, Jerry Blaskovich  passed away on 8 October.  Born on 20 April 1934, Jerry was a humanist who served both the United States and Croatia. A Korean War veteran, he had studied medicine and was an Associate Professor of Dermatology at the University of Southern California.

In 1991, he travelled to Croatia, where his medical expertise was needed, and he was heavily involved in humanitarian work. He also worked on informing the world of the situation in Croatia by his media appearances, including CNN and his writing. In particular, he was involved in bringing to world attention the massacre of Croatian civilians by Serb forces in Vocin – in which he had a hand in the forensic investigation.

He wrote extensively on Croatia, and was the author of two books, Anatomy of Deceit and Croatia: Uncensored.

From a personal perspective, Jerry was one of the first contacts I had in the wider Croatian community, and I had the privilege of meeting him too.  His writing and comments were a great influence on me and an inspiration in my own work.

Perhaps the best way to remember his is to read him. His website has many of his articles, and also has a pdf version of his superb book ‘Anatomy of Deceit’. His book should be read by anyone wishing to understand better the 1991-5 Croatian Homeland War, and much of it relates to his personal experience during that time.  The parts in regard to Vocin are important reading. 

There is a full obituary at the Daily Breeze.

There is a link there to the American Diabetic Association, which the family has asked donations should be sent to rather than flowers.

Rest in Peace, Jerry.

Brian Gallagher

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