Croatia’s English Language TV Bulletin

This tourist season, Croatian national TV has had an English language bulletin and can be seen after Dnevink 3 at about 22.20 on HRT 1.  This is an excellent idea, and hopefully it will be repeated next year. It can be seen here – Vijesti na Engleskom.

However, although the bulletin does cover cultural events and the weather, the news headlines  international i.e. matters such as Syria and so on. Croatian news, politics etc is not covered, with one or two exceptions such as the 5 August Homeland war commemorations. This is no doubt because it is thought the tourists watching will not be interested.

However, an opportunity is being lost here. Tourists interested in international news will likely get it from foreign newspapers on sale, the internet and indeed TV stations such as CNN, Sky and so on.

Anyone watching Croatian TV at 2220 is likely to be someone who is taking more of interest in Croatia and obviously wishes to know more about the country. This would be a good way of encouraging such interest by informing tourist viewers of news from Croatia. As the programme is also on the HRT website, it could become an invaluable way of getting news headlines direct from Croatia. There are many in the Croatian diaspora who would appreciate the service, but of course there are many people around the world who take an interest in Croatia and want to know what is happening there .

The TV service could look to HRT’s Voice of Croatia programme. This excellent English daily radio broadcast on Glas Hrvatske – also available on their website –  has been running for many years now. It relates news from Croatia daily and is much appreciated. The TV version should emulate the radio service and fulfil its full potential.

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