Croatia 20 Years on

Today has been Croatia’s national day. Croatia has seen 20 years of independence and has in fact forged an identity for itself in the world – one that goes beyond the war. Who hasn’t heard of the country? Its reputation as a tourist destination, football team, actors, tennis players and so on? Never mind its instantly recognisable chequerboard symbol.

Yesterday the EU gave another signal that it will accept Croatia as a member. Certainly news of significance on this day, and Croatia starts its next 20 years of independence with an issue of great importance: To join or not to join the EU? That will be the question for a referendum in a few months time.

Just now though, it is time for celebration. For those in London, please join the CBR editor at the prestigious Croatian Students and Young Professionals Network’s National Day reception on 1 July in Whitehall, London.  See here for details.

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