Gotovina trial verdict – 15 April

The verdict of the Gotovina trial at the ICTY will be on 15 April.

The verdict will have major significance for Croatia. It is important that those with an interest in Croatia follow what happens.

The mainstream western media has not been following the case, and will most likely follow prosecution spin. It is important to know about the concerns over the case from both within and outside Croatia.

The editor of Croatia Business Report has been following – and writing about –  the case since the beginning. This first article from 2001 is still valid.

This piece for the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network is also useful in outlining issues.

Recently, the Croatian Cultural Council published a book (in English) containing papers from a seminar on the case, which has useful background.  We strongly recommend the paper by Robin Harris, the former adviser to Margaret Thatcher and expert on Croatia. You can see it all here (pdf)

For those who are interested in General Gotovina’s personal background, a biography by Nenad Ivankovic can be read (in English) here.

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