UK to bar Croatian workers

The British immigration minister Damian Green has announced that citizens of new EU members will not be permitted to work in Britain for a period of seven years. This, of course, includes Croatia.

For once, this is not part of London’s traditional anti-Croat policy. Citizens of the previous new wave of EU member states -Poland, Czech Republic etc – were permitted to come and work in the UK. However, the amount of such people were far more than had been predicted, and was not popular with the electorate – hence the current new policy.

Furthermore, other EU states have previously operated the bar – the UK was one of the few exceptions.  In any event, it is not likely that many Croats are likely to want to come to the UK to work – Germany and Austria are preferred.

However, the new UK policy, and similar ones across the EU, should remind Croats that  membership does not quite confer equal rights upon its citizens within the EU.

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