Wikileaks: Croatia

The huge amount of US diplomatic cables being released on Wikileaks may possibly reveal interesting information in relation to Croatia.

The Der Spiegel website have details of the US embassies that the cables originate from.

It would seem that 1686 documents are to be released in relation to Zagreb. The documents vary in levels of secrecy. However, 6 of them have the highest rating – ‘Secret – No foreigners’.  18 are ‘secret’, 26 are ‘confidential – no foreigners’ and 587 are ‘confidential’. The rest are ‘unclassified – for official’ use or just ‘unclassified’.

Unsurprisingly, the documents take off from 1991, the year of the Croatia’s independence.

One can only speculate about what the cables contain. The documents will no doubt cover the war. Will it cover US assistance to Croatia for Operation Storm? For post war years they will quite possibly cover issues such as the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia and corruption scandals.

Of course, the war years in particular will mean that cables from other countries may contain interesting information – especially those from the former Yugoslavia.

Intriguingly, there are far more documents to be released from Croatia than other ex-Yugoslav countries. 994 documents will come from Serbia, 869 from Bosnia-Herzegovina, 836 from Slovenia, 668 from Kosovo 552 from Macedonia and 164 from Montenegro. Information in relation to Croatia may well appear from those countries, especially from the war. It would seem that older material in relation to the Yugoslav years will also feature in the Slovenian and Bosnia and Herzegovina cables.

Embarrassing – if it turns out to be so – information may not be restricted to Croatia and the United States, the polices of other countries may be revealed.

Why there should be more cables released from Zagreb is not clear, especially as Belgrade was the diplomatic capital of  the old Yugoslavia.  More are being released from the US Embassy in Zagreb than London.

Currently these documents do not seem to be online yet. However, Croatia has been mentioned in a Paris cable, a passing remark in relation to Slovenia. Elsewhere in the same cable is an disparaging French assessment of Serbian Foreign Minster Vuk Jeremic, showing that the cables do have embarrassing information aside from the headline stories in the international media.

Aside from the ex-Yugoslav countries, this shows that Croatia can pop up in cables from elsewhere.

CBR will monitor the situation.

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