More bureaucracy for foreign property owners in Croatia

We’ve heard recently from Dr James Waddell – some of you will know that he had organised a group in order to deal with the issue of categorisation of property. We updated on that in our first podcast, which you can hear here.

However, it seems a new bureaucratic hurdle has appeared. Many foreigners have invested in property in Croatia via companies. Now it would appear that everyone who has an interested in such a company must obtain an OIB number – previously only one company member needed to do so. The OIB itself is the personal identification number introduced in Croatia at the beginning of 2009.

Whilst no-one would begrudge Croatia knowing who is who in Croatia and taking measures to ensure transparency and so on, such moves come on top of previous bureaucratic hurdles that also sometimes seem out of the blue.

Zagreb does not need to pay attention to issues such as this, which only deter foreign investment.

People and investors will put up with the occasional inconvenience but not when it seems to occur on a regular basis. It is certainly our experience that Croatian bureaucracy frustrates investors large and small.

Worse still, its been our experience that some Croatian officials are surprised by complaints – apparently not having realised that people are do have such concerns. More of a grip is needed, especially in times such as these when investment is fiercely competed for.

Note: With all such property and investment issues, we do recommended that professional advice is sought.

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